It is our desire to create a law practice where we share our knowledge of legal and social principles in a way that…

  • provides legal representation of impeccable quality;
  • provides solace in times of difficulty, change, and grief;
  • creates comfort and security in our clients;
  •  enhances the lives of our clients in small and large ways;
  •  assists clients in making informed, thoughtful decisions;
  • connects clients with other sources of appropriate assistance;
  • projects the true function of the lawyer as advisor, counselor, and advocate of just and moral causes;
  • places our clients’ interests above our own in all respects;
  • encourages solutions which promote fairness and harmony and which avoid litigation wherever possible;
  • recognizes our clients’ human needs beyond those of a strictly legal nature;
  • provides our clients with trusted friends to call upon when help of any kind is needed;
  • provides us with the joy of caring for others, acquiring new knowledge, and making new friends; and,
  • allows us to balance our own business, personal, family and community lives.

Established By Kathleen E. O’Connor & Sandra S. Landau (1991) and adopted by Attorney Brenda M. Rivard, P.C.